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Sasha Grey for Volkskrant Magazine by Ilja Keizer

Anonymous asked: why Sasha was crying on the gif of girlfriend experience?

There were 2 scenes where she cried [x, x]. She cried in the first one because the man she liked chose his family over Chelsea (Sasha Grey). And in the second scene (my favourite from the movie) her character cried because one of her clients was really disrespectful, promised to write a good review about her but lied and wrote what is written under this gifset instead.

Sasha Grey as Jill Goddard in promo photos for 'Open Windows'.

fukaeri3 asked: Hi, Greta! About ur last post: do u know why official site of Sasha Grey doesnt updated?

Hello :) I have no idea, all we see is - new website coming soon.

I’m pretty sure we will see the same shit in 2017, ugh that’s annoying.

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